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Saphir shoe care kit

Saphir shoe care kit

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Saphir Shoe Care Kit

The Saphir shoe care kit contains our best selling Saphir products, the gold standard when it comes to shoe care, along with our other favourite cloths and brushes. Great for the shoe enthusiast that wants to look after their shoes with the very best products, or achieve a fantastic mirror shine.

Included in this kit

  • x2 Páte de luxe 50ml (choice of 2 colours) Award winning polish. Made with bees wax, carnauba wax & palm tree oil, Pate de luxe is a soft wax that shines up fast but also nourishes leather with a traditional blend of natural ingredients.
  • x1 Saphir mirror gloss 100ml - For the finishing touch, mirror gloss makes it easy to bring up an impeccable shine, quick and easy!
  • x1 Saphir universal shampoo - As an all purpose cleaner this foam shampoo is suitable for all materials, but is also very impressive for removing stains and tough dirt.
  • x1 Saphir medaille D'or gentle cleanser - Gentle cleanser is a smooth leather cleaner for general cleaning and removing polish build up, whilst also being gentle on delicate leathers.
  • x1 Saphir creme universal - Made with bees wax and jojoba oil, this nourishing cream softens leather, prevents cracking and leaves a nice silky finish.
  • x1 Saphir applicator brush - For scrubbing, cleaning or applying polish to large areas.
  • x1 Dasco large horse hair brush - For buffing off excess wax and cream.
  • x1 Saphir polishing chamois cloth - This fine quality cloth is perfect for applying cream and polishing wax to a high shine.

Please note - Orders to the U.S will have the shampoo substituted for an extra liquid cleaner, due to the fact we can't ship aerosols overseas.

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