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Saphir Páte de luxe shoe polish

Saphir Páte de luxe shoe polish

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Saphir Páte de luxe shoe polish

Saphir Pate de luxe is our go to polish for making shoes look the Bee's knees! Made with all natural ingredients such as bee's wax, carnauba wax, brazillian palm tree oil and a delicate balance of solvents, you can achieve a superb shine. The traditional blend of waxes is what will give your shoes a deep shine that is second to none, and the smooth texture is what makes it so easy to bring that shine up. A shoe care essential!

  • Superior shine
  • Bees wax, carnauba wax & brazillian palm tree oil.
  • High solvent content for smooth application.
  • Best paired with the Saphir polishing cloth.

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